The second sub-module will focus on a different level of interactions. This time the students are expected to investigate whether different spaces in the given urban site meet the needs of certain demographic and/or socio-economic groups and therefore become spaces of these groups. In order to understand this further, students will use participatory methods such as on-site interviews, walking interviews (and/or other ‘on the move’ methods) and surveys designed by themselves. They will again work in groups of five in gathering further information from the site as well as interpreting it.

Fieldwork: designing the data collection tool (survey board, documents, questionnaires etc.); carrying out the fieldwork in groups of five
Data Presentation and Interpretation: mapping – adding a new layer to the previous mapping exercise showing (still, occurring and transforming) spaces of different demographic, social, economic groups of people – urban dwellers and passers by.

Submission material: A2 poster with abovementioned information (one per group)

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